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What’s the best board on the water? The one that teaches the most new sailors how to Windsurf. That’s the Viper. With a world-wide network of schools and rental center staff to work with, Fanatic has the perfect knowledge base to build the best board to get new sailors on the water. The Viper works from the first time you stand on a board and hold a boom and many times after – all the way to full-speed, in-the-footstraps planing. Ultra-versatile with a compact retractable daggerboard and GFK PowerBox fin, the Viper can offer both true light-wind glide and more advanced Funboard use in one package. The easy-on-the-knees Softdeck pad is great for first-time sailors and more experienced novices alike. The nose handle makes moving the board around easy for anyone. To tune the board for smaller or larger sails, there’s plenty of room for adjustment in the mast track.
All four sizes offer High Resistance Skin (HRS) durability. The Viper is prepared to accustom a range of sizes, age, and abilities with 70, 75, 80 and 85 cm wide options to choose from. For schools or clubs, a plain white Softdeck version is available. If you want to help create new windsurfers, it’s simple: get them started on the Viper.

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