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The Explorers combine the stability a beginner needs with the sporty planing feel an advanced rider wants to enjoy. Contrary to wide body beginner boards like the Funsters, the Explorers feature rather narrow and long hulls.
As soon as you slightly advance and master the basics of windsurfing the Explorer lifts up to a glide in light winds instantly offering that ‘Funboard feeling’. Once planing it is and feels much faster, more sporty and alive than wide body beginner boards. With this board touring, exploring and enjoying the coastline is a great experience.
They deliver outstanding performance – considering they are also great beginner boards. When planing, they almost feel as sporty as an X-Cite Ride, lifting on their tail and powering off their fin. A great sensation especially for a board that comes with a daggerboard.
They are sporty and lively! Even real carving jibes are possible and are great fun.
On wide body boards the daggerboard basically only reduces the sideway drift. On the more narrow Explorers, the power of the daggerboard can lift the windward rail, providing an exciting feeling. This makes it a lot more fun to ride with the daggerboard in light winds and is more efficient to go upwind.
They come with many foot strap options for every rider level, starting from the foot strap beginner to the advanced rider who is already able to use the straps and push the board to accelerate.
Because of the retractable daggerboard and the various foot strap options everyone will find the perfect set-up. The volume is evenly spread-out and gives plenty of stability for first time windsurfers.
The built-in nose handle in combination with the strap handle at the tail make carrying the board really easy. The soft EVA deck makes them ideal for every member of the family.

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