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€1.899,721% VAT

In addition to the 59, which is our highwind board, we offer a powerful quiver (68 and 84) for the rider who prefers wider boards, and also the slightly narrower line (66 and 80) which offer outstanding top speed and control.
The 66 and 80 are new shapes that push the performance of slalom boards to a new level. Our new ‘bottom concept’, where the V flow increases constantly towards the tail, gives you a better release and a higher top speed. Maximum speed in a straight line is not enough anymore. The boards need to feel lively and light under your feet. You need the feeling of flying over the water and not the impression of pushing through the water. Additional outline curve at the tail delivers that feeling and performance advantage. Normally this change would result in a less powerful standing position and less acceleration. This is not the case with our unique looking new deck shape. A deck winger makes the deck outline wider than the bottom one. This supports you with a more outboard stance producing more power in light winds and maximum control and comfort on long runs

Price: €1.570,0