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Sometimes you simply need to Windsurf. Whether it’s Freeride cruising or blasting with your friends, you need a board that knows how to go. That’s the Shark. While it’s perfect for progression and forgiving to intermediates, the Shark lacks no bite in hard-carving super-tight turns – and tests proved it. With top scores in user-friendliness, high-wind speeds and maneuverability, the Shark is a board we’re happy to keep precisely as it is. From smooth, graceful cruising to lightning speed runs, the Shark is the perfect platform for fast learners or those looking for a lifetime of Freeride pleasure – or an automatic jibe machine. The proven CAD shaped scoop rocker, comfy domed decks and compact outline are easy to use and push to the limits. 5 durable, high-value sizes come in High Resistance Skin (HRS) construction with PowerBox fins. The most popular 135 and 150 liter LTD sizes are also available in eco-friendly, impact-resistant, super-light and stiff Innegra Carbon/Basalt Sandwich Light construction. LTD construction features Cork in the deck, high-performance, environmentally friendly Basalt Cloth in the base, and our weight-saving Light Finish look in which board coloring is mixed into the resin. In 2014, the Shark will continue to define the phrase “Freeride”.

Price: €1.032,2